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2009-09-07 10:07:37 by reckoner

so i keep getting unscouted.
i don't know if anyone will read and answer my question but i heard that some moderator got hacked and now the hacker is unscouting everyone..
anyone know if this is true?


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2009-09-07 10:26:03

It happened yesterday early morning and they are working on it. I can only say many people are trying to get them to give it more importance, and a lot of users ( you should do this also ) are going around and re-recommending artwork for the portal. I just did so as well.


2009-09-08 13:25:42

Yeah. The DD hacked and unscouted everyone.

It's all back up how it was now, though.


2009-09-10 20:00:45

This has nothing to do with the news post, but i like your art, its legit :]