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Entry #1


2009-07-02 23:02:01 by reckoner

i'm new and uploading stuff. Don't like writing these soooo

that is all :]


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2009-07-03 00:47:26

I know how you feel, I only post out of boredom

reckoner responds:

yeaa that's probably what ima do or just to rant haha


2009-07-03 02:33:24

i like radiohead too..

reckoner responds:

woot :D they're one of my favorites.. ever.


2009-07-03 15:22:15

aaah, yeah, great band, great band, i especially love their song "creep" i swear, it brings a tear to my eye every time


2009-08-31 18:13:23


Thanks for the comment on my pic! :)

Oh and don't worry, I write out of boredom too even if no one responds...

I guess I like speaking with myself. O.o

What? No. Wait, there I go again.Haha,but seriously welcome to NG and good luck uploading stuff. :)


2009-09-04 13:45:32

I was extremely impressed with your artwork, so I decided to scout you in the portal!

Have fun!

reckoner responds:

thanks a bunch!
i was scouted a while ago but i guess my inactivity for the past month cancelled it D: